Alpha Embroidery Services was established in 1998, our technicians have over 20 years of experience, and because embroidery is our specialty we are enabled to produce the highest quality embroidery. We want our customers to be proud to promote their logos with the most vibrant threads produced on the most advanced embroidery machines. 

AES are unbeatable on price! We offer some of the cheapest prices in London. But don't let our prices judge the quality of our embroidery, at AES we use only the finest thread; the thread we use is directly imported from Germany and we can assure you the quality is long-lasting. 

AES promise high quality goods at prices you'll never find elsewhere. At Alpha we are quick, productive and motivated; we want you to receive your goods in time and in good quality.


Mass production is no problem for us; we have multi-head machines which can produce quick turnover. On average we produce 1500 pieces a day. 

We offer a reliable delivery service nationwide; call us today for more information. 


For a quote give us a call or drop an email